Reiner Kuenzli Photography My name is Reiner K├╝nzli, born in Switzerland and live currently in Hua Hin, Thailand. The Photography is for me only a hobby. Present my best of pictures I have made over the years on this Website. I edited the Photos considering the quality, resolution, subject and editing. You see even more of thousands photos by iGallery.ch.

Free photo shoot for you. For special photo projects, but also for experimental photos, I am always looking for expressive women and men, who are naturally and versatilely and feel comfortable in front of the camera. Are you 18 -1 01 years old and live in Thailand near Hua Hin, than to meet me (Language German, English, Thai on request).

Wisdom of photography follows: Not the camera takes the picture but the photographer. What is a good picture, the viewer of the painting decides. The quality of an image is defined by the content of the image. Snapshots are usually the best photos. The cut of a photo makes the image. When I'm satisfied with a picture? Never.